Objectives of the project

To contribute to the prevention of natural disasters generated by earthquakes in Black Sea basin by developing a joint monitoring and intervention concept.
All the countries involved in the project have their own studies, strategies, prevention and intervention systems in case of earthquakes, but until now there has not been an integrated approach so far in the Black Sea basin. Given the cross-border character of seismic activity, it is necessary to have a cross-border approach on prevention, monitoring and intervention in case of earthquakes.
All these taking into account that the Black Sea area has a long history in what concerns the earthquakes, some of them followed by destructive tsunamis.

Specific objectives:
1.        The assessment of the disaster potential, with accent on the seismic risk degree and the earthquakes effects in the intervention area.
2.        To develop an integrated seismic monitoring and intervention concept.
3.        To increase the capacity of local institutions emergency intervention units for joint response activities in case of disasters.